Investigation of Shielding Performance of Concretes Produced with Iron Fillings Using Betatron X-Ray Radiography
O. Ozyurta, N. Altinsoya, B. Buyuka and E. Fenercib
aIstanbul Technical University (ITU), Institute of Energy, Ayazaga Kampusu, 34469, Istanbul, Turkey
bNuh Beton INC., Buyukbakkalkoy Mh, Mezarlık Sk. No: 35 Maltepe/Istanbul, Turkey Institute of Energy
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One of the most widely used structural materials in radiation shielding is concrete. Addition of metal particulates to concrete to enhance its density can be used for gamma and X-ray shielding purposes. In this study radiation shielding performance of concrete containing different amounts of iron filling were evaluated using Betatron X-ray radiation source. For this purpose concretes were produced by adding iron filling in the ratios of 0%, 10%, 20%, 30% (in weight) to the cement. CIT/7.5 Betatron source which is a compact, circular electron accelerator, generating directional X-ray beam, was used in this study. Experiments were performed by using conventional radiography test. The results were compared with results for normal concrete. It was observed that the film density differences between the iron filling and normal concrete are in the range of about 10-60%.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.129.829
PACS numbers: 28.41.Qb