Investigation of Two-Stage Magnetic Barkhausen Noise Measurement Method at Power Line Frequency
J. Pal'a and M. Šoka
Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Institute of Electrical Engineering, Ilkovičova 3, 812 19 Bratislava, Slovak Republic
Received: July 26, 2015; In final form: February 12, 2016
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The aim of the paper was to study the features of measurement of the magnetic Barkhausen noise by the new two-stage method in the high excitation frequency region (power line frequency). The magnetic Barkhausen noise was investigated on grain oriented Fe-3%Si steel subjected to different heat treatment. By application of an air coil on the output of the power amplifier we were able to linearize the excitation field. At the same time, the air coil suppressed the unwanted noise from the output of the power amplifier. We have found that the two-stage method is able to reveal a peak of the power spectrum even if it is located at low frequency, in contrast to the classical one-stage method. Further, we successfully applied a model of the power spectrum to the real magnetic Barkhausen noise obtained from the two-stage measurement.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.129.383
PACS numbers: 81.40.Rs, 75.60.Ej