Construction of the Adiabatic Potential of a Symmetric Molecule in the Vicinity of Charged Semiconductor Surface
S.A. Berchaa,b, K.E. Glukhov a, L.Yu. Kharkhalis a and M. Sznajderc
aInstitute of Physics and Chemistry of Solid State, Uzhgorod National University, 54 Voloshin St., 88000 Uzhgorod, Ukraine
bCharles University, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Department of Surface and Plasma Science, V Holesovickach 2, Prague, 18000, Czech Republic
cFaculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Rzeszów, S. Pigonia 1, 35-959 Rzeszów, Poland
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We present a description of the symmetry-based method for the construction of the adiabatic potential of a symmetric molecule near the charged semiconductor surface. For this purpose, a transformation of the adiabatic potential of a free high symmetric molecule (D3d) in the presence of uniform: electric field is investigated. The obtained adiabatic potential is analyzed with respect to the stability of molecule in the vicinity of charged surface, as a dependence of its orientation in the electric field.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.129.A-120
PACS numbers: 71.20.-b, 71.70.Ej, 61.50.Ah, 02.20.-a