The Metalorganic Vapour Phase Epitaxy Growth of AIIIBV Heterostructures Observed by Reflection Anisotropy Spectroscopy
M. Zíkováa,b, A. Hospodková a, J. Pangrác a, J. Vyskočil a, E. Hulicius a, J. Oswald a,, P. Komninou c, J. Kioseoglou c
a Institute of Physics, Czech Academy of Sciences, v.v.i., Cukrovarnická 10, Prague 6, Czech Republic
b FNSPE at Czech Technical University in Prague, Zikova 1903/4, Prague 6, Czech Republic
c Department of Physics, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, Greece
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Reflectance anisotropy spectroscopy is a useful technique used for in situ observation of the metalorganic vapour phase epitaxy growth, because it does not require vacuum in the reaction chamber. With this method we are able to observe the quantum dot growth, the incorporation of indium or antimony atoms in the layer or the monolayer growth of GaAs. We can also estimate the amount of InAs needed for the quantum dot formation, the time necessary for the quantum dot growth or reveal the unintended growth of InAs quantum dots from large dissolved InAs objects.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.129.A-75
PACS numbers: 81.15.Gh, 81.07.Ta, 78.67.Hc, 78.55.Cr