Fabrication and Research of Superhard (Zr-Ti-Cr-Nb)N Coatings
O.V. Bondar a, B.O. Postolnyia, Yu.A. Kravchenko a, A.P. Shypylenko a, O.V. Sobol b, V.M. Beresnev c, A.P. Kuzmenko d and P. Zukowski e
aSumy State University, R. Korsakova 2, 40007 Sumy, Ukraine
bNational Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute", Kharkiv, Ukraine
cKharkiv National University, Kharkiv, Ukraine
dSouth-West State University, Kursk, Russian Federation
eDepartment of Electrical Devices and High Voltage Technology, Lublin University of Technology, Lublin, Poland
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This work presents the results of (Zr-Ti-Cr-Nb)N superhard coatings research. The samples were fabricated by the vacuum-arc deposition method (Arc-PVD). Structure, composition and properties of these coatings were studied. The study of coatings was carried out using scanning electron microscopy, energy dispersive spectroscopy, and X-ray diffraction. Hardness measurements and adhesion tests were performed. The coatings thickness was up to 6.2 μ m, nanocrystallites sizes ranged from 4 to 7.3 nm. Values of hardness and cohesive strength were H=43.7 GPa and LC=62.06 N, respectively. The optimal conditions for coating deposition were found.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.128.867
PACS numbers: 61.46.-w, 62.20.Qp