Acoustic Emission Study of Plastic Instabilities in AlSi1MgMn
O. Molnárová, P. Dobroň and F. Chmelík
Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Department of Physics of Materials, Ke Karlovu 5, 12 116 Prague 2, Czech Republic
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The influence of the strain rate and heat treatment on the occurrence of plastic instabilities in a cast AlSi1MgMn alloy was studied. The samples were uniaxially loaded in compression at various strain rates and at room temperature. The tests were done with concurrent acoustic emission monitoring and the acoustic emission parameters are correlated to the microstructure and to the stress-strain curves in order to better understand the patterns of plastic deformation. All samples exhibited the Portevin-Le Chatelier effect of different types, dependently on the heat treatment and the applied strain rate. The occurrence of the Portevin-Le Chatelier effect is manifested by acoustic emission signals with high amplitudes. Statistical analysis of the acoustic emission signals shows the power-law probability distribution.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.128.801
PACS numbers: 43.40.Le, 81.40.Lm, 62.20.F-, 46.32.+x