Diagnostics of the Core Mechanical Construction Based on Vibroacoustic Measurements and Distribution of Temperature Field in Transformer Magnetic Circuit
S. Borucki, A. Cichon and T. Boczar
Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Automatic Control and Computer Science, Opole University of Technology, Prószkowska 76, 45-758 Opole, Poland
Received: May 9, 2015; In final form: July 20, 2015
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Subject matter of this article concerns the results of research works on the development and use of the vibroacoustic method to evaluate technical state of transformer cores. The article presents obtained measurement results of transformer mechanical vibration for two cases of its operation: with twisted and loosened core. In order to demonstrate negative effects of operating a transformer with a loosened core, this publication presents thermographic images showing temperature distribution on its magnetic core. The article characterises the examined transformer, employed measurement system and methodology of the completed experiment. The vibroacoustic and thermographic measurements were carried out during idle work of the transformer. Core vibration was registered for three measurement axes: 0X, 0Y and 0Z. Completed tests have proven that loosened screws pressing the core cause evident increase in the value of magnetic core vibration acceleration. At the same time, the temperature rises by more than 25%.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.128.306
PACS numbers: 43.40.-r, 43.40.Vn, 43.58.Wc