Structural Strength and Fatigue Life Calculation of Y32 Bogie Frame by Finite Element Method
M. Ozsoya, K. Pehlivanb, M. Firata, N. Ozsoya and V. Ucara
aSakarya University Engineering Faculty Mechanical Engineering Department, Sakarya, Turkey
bSakarya University Institute of Naturel Science, Sakarya, Turkey
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In this study structural strength and fatigue life estimation of Y32 bogie frame were examined by finite element method. A static structural and fatigue life simulation were performed according to TS EN 13749 standard. The results of the static structural and fatigue life simulations depicted that Y32 bogie manufactured by Tuvasas achieved the regulations.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.128.B-327
PACS numbers: 47.11.Fg, 46.50.+a