Utilization of The Collector Two Colored Rainbow System in Istanbul
Z. Er
Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Science and Letters (Maritime Faculty), Physics Engineering Department, 34469 Maslak-Istanbul, Turkey
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Solar heating is known as one of the cleanest and cost-effective technologies that inherently reduces cost of energy and dependency on imported fuels while being applied and used in commercial and product applications in the industry. The modus operandi of this study introduces a procedure that was coined as "Two Colored Rainbow" which is used to represent two different applications using by solar tracer, rather than the direct application of solar thermal system. Two rainbow system traps the heat from the sun (solar radiation) and transfer the heat to water or to air for use as thermal energy by the aid of solar panels that the system is coupled with solar tracer. The vacuum tube and flat type collectors were used as an experimental portion of this study while the effective utilization of solar energy on a daily basis has been identified by the algorithm that has been developed in C# to determine how many percentage of an hotel's energy in Istanbul which serves up to five hundred guest capacity need could be compensated by providing optimum size and quantity of solar collectors.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.128.B-300
PACS numbers: 96.60-j, 96.60.Ub, 96.60.Q-