Determination of Geomorphological Parameters of Damlıca Basin Using GIS
A.Y. Günal, A. Güven
Gaziantep University, Civil Engineering Department, Gaziantep, Turkey
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In this study, the geomorphologic parameters of Damlıca basin are determined by using Geographic Information Systems (GIS). The digital elevation model (DEM) of the basin is downloaded from Aster-GDEM web page and this digital map is used in the GIS computer program to obtain the geomorphologic parameters of the Damlıca basin, such as the area of the basin, its perimeter, river length, slope, etc. The extracted parameters are compared with the parameters obtained by conventional methods. This study shows that the geomorphologic parameters of the Damlıca basin obtained using GIS are much more precise than those produced by conventional methods.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.128.B-222
PACS numbers: 92.40.Pb