Kinetic and Thermodynamic Behavior of Selenium on Modified Bentonite and Activated Carbon using Radiotracer Technique
B. Tuğrul, S. Erentürk, S. Haciyakupoğlu, N. Karatepe, N. Altinsoy, N. Baydoğan, F. Baytaş, B. Büyük, E. Demir and S. Gedik
Istanbul Technical University, Energy Institute, 34469, Maslak-Istanbul, Turkey
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This study was aimed to determine kinetic and thermodynamic behaviors of selenium on modified bentonite and activated carbon. Thermodynamic parameters such as enthalpy Δ H, free energy change Δ G and entropy change Δ S of selenium adsorption suggested that the adsorption of Se(IV) on activated carbon and organic-inorganic modified bentonite was exothermic and endothermic process, respectively. The experimental data fitted very well the pseudo-second-order kinetic model for both adsorbents.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.128.B-180
PACS numbers: 28.90.+i