Shielding of Gamma Radiation by Using Porous Materials
S. Gedik and A.F. BaytaƟ
Energy Institute, Istanbul Technical University, 34469 Istanbul, Turkey
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In this study, the gamma radiation attenuation was investigated for different composite metallic foams, soil and standard sand samples. Gamma transmission technique with narrow beam geometry, Co-60 radiation source were used in experimental studies. The measurements were used to calculate the linear attenuation coefficients and porosities of these materials. The results were compared according to radiation attenuation and porosity distribution of porous media. The metallic foams had large and non-homogeneous porosity values, therefore sand and soil showed better radiation attenuation property. However, the saturated silica foam had large ability of gamma ray attenuation as well as dry soil.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.128.B-174
PACS numbers: 29.90.+r