Mechanical Characterization of CoCrMo Alloys Consisting of Different Palladium Ratios Produced by Investment Casting Method
O. Sahin, S. Uzunoglu, E. Sahin
Mustafa Kemal University, Science and Art Faculty, Micro/Nanomechanic Characterization Laboratory, Hatay 31034, Turkey
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CoCrMo alloys are one of the most commonly used materials for hip arthroplasty, knee and dental because of its mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and biocompatibility. In this study, CoCrMo alloys consisting of 1.68 to 4.33%Pd are produced by investment casting process under argon atmosphere. The microstructures and mechanical properties of CoCrMo alloy were studied using X-ray diffraction, optical microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, Knoop indentation hardness tests, focusing on the influences on the different palladium additives. The measured microhardness values of CoCrMo alloys having different palladium ratio are seen to be load-dependent. The observed load dependence was rationalized using the Hays-Kendall model and it was found that the resultant load-independent hardness decreases with increase of palladium ratios. As a results, microhardness decreases with increase of palladium amount.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.128.B-149
PACS numbers: 62.20.-x, 61.66.Dk