Three Point Bending Behavior of Woven Glass, Aramid and Carbon Fiber Reinforced Hybrid Composite Tube
S. Ek┼či and K. Genel
Sakarya University, Mechanical Engineering Department, Sakarya, Turkey
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In this study, bending behavior of hybrid composites reinforced by different type of fibers is investigated experimentally. In the preparation of composite samples with different number of layers having the same thickness and woven shaped glass, aramid and carbon fibers are used and three-point bending test is carried out to determine bending behavior. It is seen from the test results that, regardless of fiber type, the load bearing capacity and energy absorption capability are increased by increasing layer number. As a result of evaluation of hybrid composites containing different fibers with respect of load-carrying capability and energy absorbing capacity, aramid-fiber reinforced composite with 2 and 4 layer provides better performance. T+2GF+2CF+2AF specimen can be preferred in between 10 layered hybrid tubes and T+2GF+2AF+6CF and T+2GF+2CF+6AF specimens in 10 layered hybrid tubes. Load carrying capacity of hybrid tubes increased 7 times and energy absorbing capacity 9.6 times, respectively.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.128.B-59
PACS numbers: 62.20.M-,, 62.23.Pq