Determination of Natural Radioactivity from 232Th with Gamma-Ray Spectrometer in Dereköy-Yazır (Southwestern Anatolia)
N.A. Uyanika, Z. Öncü a, O. Uyanik a and İ. Akkurt b
aSüleyman Demirel University, Geophysics Department, Isparta, Turkey
bSüleyman Demirel University, Physics Department, Isparta, Turkey
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This study presents new data on the baseline concentrations of Thorium over the Dereköy-Yazır (Ağlasun-Burdur) volcanic area. Portable gamma-ray spectrometer was used for natural thorium mapping. In situ measurements were made in the field, in the area of 7.5 km2 at 165 points. Variations in the Th concentration in the surficial environment of the Dereköy-Yazır region appear to be related to bedrock lithology. The measured thorium concentration varies between 0.68-36 ppm, in the studied area. The highest concentration values were obtained from volcanic rocks. The outcropping volcanic rocks in the region are Pliocene alkaline basalts.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.128.B-441
PACS numbers: 92.20.Td, 29.30.-h