AX-PET: from Demonstrator towards a Full-Ring Brain Scanner
P. Solevi on behalf of the AX-PET collaboration
Instituto de Física Corpuscolar (CSIC/UV), Valencia, Spain
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Axial PET is a novel PET concept based on axially oriented crystals. The axial orientation of the scintillating elements mitigates the uncertainty in the determination of the depth of interaction and provides a scalable and flexible design than can be adapted to different imaging scenarios. Two Axial PET modules have been fully assembled and characterized at CERN with both point-like and extended sources. The capability of Axial PET to break the trade-off between sensitivity and spatial resolution was successfully demonstrated.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.127.1462
PACS numbers:, and, 29.40.Mc, 29.40.Wk