The Effect of Inorganic Nano Powder Additives in TEGDME for Lithium Air Batteries
M. Kartal, M. Uysal, T. Cetinkaya, A. Alp, H. Akbulut
Sakarya University Engineering Faculty, Department of Metallurgical & Materials Engineering, Esentepe Campus, 54187, Sakarya, Turkey
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SiO2 and Al2O3 nano fillers were added to an electrolyte composed of a solution 1 M LiPF6 in tetra ethylene glycol dimethyl ether (TEGDME) and the effects of these nano powders on capacity and cycling performances were investigated. Galvanostatic charge/discharge (GC) measurements were performed in the assembled Li-air cells by using the nanocomposite electrolytes. The discharge capacities of these cells were cyclically tested by a battery tester at a constant current in the voltage range between 2.15 V and 4.25 V. Discharge products of nanocomposite electrolytes were characterized by SEM and XRD spectroscopies. The electrochemical results demonstrated that Al2O3 reinforced electrolyte showed higher discharge capacity and cyclability than those of SiO2 reinforced electrolyte.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.127.1016
PACS numbers: 88.80.F-, 88.80.ff, 82.45.Gj, 82.45.Wx, 81.07.-b.