A Study on Modification of Micro-Alloy Steel Surfaces with Different Hard Materials Via Electro-Spark Deposition Method
A. Çakir, M.S. Yilmaz, A. Ribalko, K. Korkmaz
Gebze Institute of Technology, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, 41400 Gebze, Kocaeli, Turkey
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In this study, micro alloy steel (St 35) surfaces, which were coated with different hard alloy electrode materials via Electro Spark Deposition (ESD) method, have been characterized. The electrode materials were chosen among hard alloys such as; TiCN(Ni), CrC-NiCr, WC(Co) and TiWC(Co). During the ESD experiments, the following pulse parameters in a group were used: pulse current amplitude, pulse duration, electrical charge of 100-200 A, 100 μs, 1000 mC respectively. The surface roughness, thickness of coatings, cross sectional microstructure analysis, phase analysis, micro hardness and adhesion properties of the coated samples were characterized by profilometer, SEM (EDX), XRD, micro hardness tester and scratch adhesion tester respectively.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.127.1410
PACS numbers: 81.05.Bx, 82.45.Fk, 81.65.Lp.