Study of the Electrical Behavior of Metal/α-SiC:H/poly-Si(N) Structure Using Simulation
P. Papadopouloua, S.G. Stavrinidesb, M. Haniasc, L. Magafasa
aElectrical Engineering Department, E.M.T. Institute of Technology, Kavala, Greece
bPhysics Department, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, Greece
cPhysics Department, National Kapodestrian University of Athens, Athens, Greece
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In this report, a study of the electrical behavior for the Metal/a-SiC/poly-Si(n) structure, appears. Different thicknesses of a-SiC:H thin films are considered; In specific the a-SiC:H layer thickness is varied between 100 Å up to 800 Å. The 2-D ATLAS advanced numerical simulator has been utilized in order to simulate the material's electrical behavior and produce the reported hereby results. The study of the I-V (current-voltage) characteristics of these Metal/α-SiC:H/poly-Si(N) structures, reveals a very interesting hysteretic behavior that is a function of the a-SiC:H thin-film thickness. Such materials have lately raised the engineering community's interest because of their possible utilization as memristive elements.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.127.1349
PACS numbers: 85.30.De, 85.30.Mn, 85.30.Hi