An Optical Setup for Deterministic Creation of Four Partite W state
C. Yesilyurta, S. Bugub, F. Dikerc, A.A. Altintasd, F. Ozaydina
aIsık University, Istanbul, Turkey
bIstanbul University, Istanbul, Turkey
cBogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey
dOkan University, Istanbul, Turkey
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In order to create polarization based entanglement networks of W4 state, we propose an optical setup, which uses only four horizontally polarized photons as resource which implies no entanglement requirement as a resource. This setup can generate target state deterministically, by operating several quantum optical gates, which can be realized with current photonics technology. The setup we propose is composed of one Not, two Hadamard, five Controlled Not (CNot) and one Toffoli gate.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.127.1230
PACS numbers: 03.67.-a, 03.65.Ud, 03.65.Yz