Asymmetry in the Subsequent Movements' Proportions of Share Prices Included in the WIG
A. Szmagliński
Cracow University of Technology, Institute of Physics, Podchorążych 1, 30-084 Kraków, Poland
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The intraday data of stock prices allow us to collect in the form: of histogram the subsequent movements' proportions in price and time. Here we continue the previous work [Acta Phys. Pol. A 123, 621 (2013)], concerning the properties of subsequent price movements' proportions in the opposite directions and proportions of subsequent price movements in the same direction. Here we distinguish between the proportions with growing and decreasing second price movement in the proportion. We investigate quantitatively the effect of breaking the turning point of resistance and support levels depending on the percentage size of price movements. In the same way we treat the main peak in the histogram for the equal subsequent price movements.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.127.A-136
PACS numbers: 05.45.Df, 05.45.Tp, 89.65.Gh