Electromagnetic Waves Absorption by Graphene-Magnetic Semiconductor Multilayered Nanostructure in External Magnetic Field: Voight Geometry
D. Kuzmina, I. Bychkov a and V. Shavrov b
aChelyabinsk State University, Br. Kashirinykh 129, 454001 Chelyabinsk, Russia
bKotelnikov Institute of Radio-Engineering and Electronics of RAS, Mokhovaya 11/7, 125009 Moscow, Russia
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Absorption of electromagnetic waves by graphene-magnetic semiconductor multilayered structure has been investigated for the Voight geometry with taking into account the dissipation processes. The possibility of control of electrodynamic properties of the structure by an external magnetic field, changing in number of periods of the structure, chemical potential of the graphene layers and temperature has been shown. Electrodynamics of the structure is also sensitive to polarization of the incident wave. The structure shows to be especially controllable at terahertz frequencies.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.127.528
PACS numbers: 41.20.Jb, 42.25.Bs, 68.65.Ac, 68.65.Cd, 68.65.Pq