Acousto-Optic Devices Based on Potassium Rare-Earth Tungstates Laser Crystals
D.Yu. Velikovskiia, V.E. Pozhar a and M.M. Mazur b
aScientific and Technological Center of Unique Instrumentation, Russian Academy of Sciences (STC UI RAS), Butlerova str. 15, 117342, Moscow, Russia
bFederal Research Institute for Physical Technical and Radioengineering Measurements (VNIIFTRI), 141570 Moscow region, Mendeleyevo, Russia
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We present a family of original acousto-optical devices. They are based on new acousto-optical materials KRE(WO4)2, where RE = Y, Gd, Yb, Lu. A combination of features such as radiation resistance, optical biaxiality and appreciable acousto-optical figure of merit, makes possible creation of polarization-insensitive modulator with almost 100% of diffraction efficiency. The deflector with wide angular aperture and broad range of deflection, and collinear tunable filter are also suggested.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.127.75
PACS numbers: 42.70.Hj, 42.79.Jq, 42.60.Fc, 43.35.Sx