Analysis of Crystallographic Orientation Changes during Deformation of Magnesium Single Crystals
B. SuĊ‚kowski
Department of Mater. Science and Engineering of Non-ferrous Metals, AGH University of Science and Technology, Al. Mickiewicza 30, 30-059 Krakow, Poland
Received: December 16, 2013; In final form: March 7, 2014
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Magnesium single crystals of three different orientations were deformed by tension at room temperature to investigate the geometrical criterion resulting from the Schmid law for activation of basal and non-basal slip systems. Changes of crystallographic orientations of investigated single crystals were systematically measured during deformation and the geometrical criterion was examined in respect to the changes of crystallographic orientations during deformation. The geometrical criterion itself failed to explain lack of activity of non-basal slip systems in the deformed magnesium single crystals. Therefore the ratio of activation volumes of soft to hard slip systems is considered to be introduced for a better understanding of the deformation in hcp metals.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.126.768
PACS numbers: 61.72.Hh, 61.50.-f, 81.10.Aj, 61.50.Ah, 81.40.Ef