Exact Solution of Klein-Gordon with the Pöschl-Teller Double-Ring-Shaped Coulomb Potential
H. Hassanabadia, A.N. Ikotb and S. Zarrinkamarc
aDepartment of Basic Sciences, Shahrood University, Shahrood, Iran
bDepartment of Physics, University of Port Harcourt, Choba, PMB 5323, Port Harcourt, Nigeria
cDepartment of Basic Sciences, Garmsar Branch, Islamic Azad University, Garmsar, Iran
Received: October 13, 2013; In final form: May 11, 2014
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Analytical solution of the Klein-Gordon equation under the equal scalar and vector Pöschl-Teller double-ring-shaped Coulomb potentials is obtained. We have used the Nikiforov-Uvarov method in our calculations. The radial wave function in terms of the Laguerre polynomials is presented and the angular wave functions are expressed in terms of the Jacobi polynomials. We have also considered some special cases of the Pöschl-Teller double-ring-shaped Coulomb potential and represented the energy eigenvalues and the corresponding wave functions.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.126.647
PACS numbers: 03.65.Fd, 03.65.Pm, 03.65.Ca, 03.65.Ge