Influence of Carbon Nanoparticles Morphology on Physical Properties of Polymer Composites
G. Wróblewskia, M. Słomaa, b, D. Janczaka, A. Młożniakb and M. Jakubowskaa,b
aInstitute of Metrology and Bioengineering, Warsaw University of Technology, A. Boboli 8, 05-525 Warszawa, Poland
bInstitute of Electronic Materials Technology, Wólczyńska 133, 01-919 Warszawa, Poland
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The paper presents influence of diverse shapes and dimensions of carbon nanostructures on physical properties of polymer composites. Graphene nanoplatelets, carbon nanotubes, graphite nanofibers, and graphite microflakes have been investigated as fillers in polymethacrylate resin. Layers were deposited with printing techniques used in printed electronics technology such as screen printing and spray coating, both elaborated in our earlier works. Different sets of measurements have been performed for obtained layers with particular carbon nanofillers. Thickness and topography have been examined using optical profilometer. Morphology of nanostructures has been observed with scanning electron microscope. Moreover, sheet resistivity and optical transmission in visible wavelength have been measured. Also mechanical properties have been characterized for each polymer composite by conducting fatigue test which consisted of multiple bending cycles.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.125.861
PACS numbers: 81.05.uj, 81.05.ue, 81.05.uf, 61.48.De