Electrochemical Impedance of Sn Nanowire Arrays
H. Kaya, E. Aydogmus and D. Avcu
Inonu University, Science and Art Faculty, Department of Physics, Malatya, 44280, Turkey
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In this study, Sn nanowires were produced electrochemically in anodic aluminum oxide membranes. During the deposition process some parameters such as ion content, pH, deposition time, and temperature of solution were kept constant. The scanning electron microscope results showed that the diameters of produced tin nanowires were approximately 300 nm and their lengths were about 8-10 μm. Electrochemical impedance studies of Sn nanowire arrays were also studied by Iviumstat galvanostat/potentiostat system.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.125.307
PACS numbers: 81.07.Gf, 81.15.Pq, 82.80.Fk