Temperature and Pressure Dependence of the Linewidth for an Internal Mode in the Solid Phases of Benzene
H. Yurtseven and M.G. Şenol
Department of Physics, Middle East Technical University, 06531 Ankara, Turkey
Received: November 20, 2012; In final form: July 15, 2013
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The pressure dependence of the Raman linewidths for the ν1 breathing mode is analyzed using the experimental data from the literature for the solid phases (I, II, III and III') in benzene. Increase (I, III and III') and decrease (II) in the Raman linewidths are described by a power-law analysis with the critical exponent β. The β values we find, which characterize the phase transition are in favour of the first order among those phases considered in benzene. The temperature and pressure dependence of the frequencies and linewidths of various Raman modes can be analyzed using a power-law formula, as studied here for the solid phases (I, II, III and III') in benzene when the experimental data are available in the literature.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.124.698
PACS numbers: 64.60.-i, 05.70.Fh