Magnetic Properties of RIrSi (R = Tb, Dy, and Ho) Compounds
R. Duraja and A. Szytułab
aInstitute of Physics, Technical University of Cracow, Podchorążych 1, 30-084 Kraków, Poland
bM. Smoluchowski Institute of Physics, Jagiellonian University, W.S. Reymonta 4, 30-059 Kraków, Poland
Received: December 12, 2012
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The magnetic data for the polycrystalline samples of RIrSi (R = Tb, Dy and Ho) compounds are reported. These compounds are antiferromagnets with the Néel temperatures equal to 32 K (R = Tb), 7.0 K (R = Dy) and 4.8 K (R = Ho), respectively. The external magnetic field induces the one step for TbIrSi and two step for DyIrSi and HoIrSi metamagnetic phase transitions. The values of the critical field as Néel temperatures decrease with increase of the number of 4f electrons. The magnetic phase diagrams (H, T) are determined.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.123.773
PACS numbers: 75.30.Kz, 75.40.Gb, 75.47.Np, 75.50.Ee