Monte Carlo Analysis of the Influence of Different Packaging on MOSFET Energy Response to X-rays and Gamma Radiation
S.J. Stankovića, R.D. Ilića, M. Živanovića, K.S. Jankovićb and B. Lončarc
aVinča Institute of Nuclear Sciences, Belgrade, Serbia
bInstitute for Testing Materials-IMS, Belgrade, Serbia
cFaculty of Technology and Metallurgy, University of Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia
Received: September 5, 2011; in final form: July 3, 2012
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Radiation sensing MOSFETs have found numerous applications as detectors or device components in radiation fields used in nuclear industry, medical applications and space research. Monte Carlo simulations of MOSFET energy response to X-ray and gamma radiation for different packaging were performed. The photon transport Monte Carlo software FOTELP-2K10 has been adapted to obtain the energy deposited in MOSFET structure with microscopic dimensions. In this work the ratio between values of total energy deposited in the sensitive volume (thick SiO2 layer) for cases of MOSFET structure with and without package lid is presented. For this purpose is defined the shielding energy dependence factor (SDEF), and gave its value for kovar and Ti-24Al-11Nb and Ti-13Nb-13Zr alloys as lid materials.
DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.122.655
PACS numbers: 07.85.Fv, 85.30.Tv,