The Solid State Polymorphism and Dynamics of 2,3-Dimethylbutan-2-ol (2,3-DM-2-B)
E. Juszyńska, M. Massalska-Arodź, P.M. Zieliński and J. Krawczyk
The H. Niewodniczański Institute of Nuclear Physics, PAS, E. Radzikowskiego 152, 31-342 Kraków, Poland
Received: February 29, 2012; in final form July 21, 2012
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In the paper we present adiabatic calorimetry and dielectric spectroscopy results for 2,3-di-methyl-butan-2-ol (2,3-DM-2-B), one of the isomers of neohexanol. For 2,3-DM-2-B we have detected the following phase transitions: C2 (249.8 K) → C1 (262 K) → Is. No glass phase was found. In both crystalline phases C2 and C1 three relaxation processes were detected. These processes are discussed in relation to the calorimetric studies.
DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.122.693
PACS numbers: 65.40.-b, 65.40.Ba, 66.30.hp, 77.22.Gm