Synthesis and Luminescent Properties of Eu3+ Doped Crystalline Diphosphate Na2ZnP2O7
L. Guerbousa and L. Gacemb
aLaser Department/Nuclear Research Center of Algiers, 2 Bd., Frantz Fanon, BP 399, Alger, Algeria
bMaterials Science Department, Faculty of Science, University of Djelfa, Algeria
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Undoped and Eu3+-doped disodium zinc diphosphate Na2ZnP2O7 (NZPO) single crystals are grown by the Czochralski method. X-ray diffraction, Fourier transform: infrared and Raman techniques were used to check the crystallographic structure. Excitation and emission spectra were measured at room temperature and studied. The Eu3+ ions occupy a non-centrosymmetric site with different coordination number. Very efficient energy transfer from O-Eu3+ band state to Eu3+ excited energy levels is highlighted.
DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.122.535
PACS numbers: 78.20.-e, 78.55.-m, 78.55.Hx