Effects of SiC Particle Size on Properties of Cu-SiC Metal Matrix Composites
G. Celebi Efe, I. Altinsoy, M. Ipek, S. Zeytin and C. Bindal
Engineering Faculty, Department of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering, Sakarya University, Esentepe Campus, 54187 Sakarya, Turkey
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This paper was focused on the effects of particle size and distribution on some properties of the SiC particle reinforced Cu composites. Copper powder produced by cementation method was reinforced with SiC particles having 1 and 30 μm particle size and sintered at 700°C. Scanning electron microscopy studies showed that SiC particles were dispersed in copper matrix homogeneously. The presence of Cu and SiC components in composites were verified by X-ray diffraction analysis technique. The relative densities of Cu-SiC composites determined by Archimedes' principle are ranged from 96.2% to 90.9% for SiC with 1 μm particle size, 97.0% to 95.0% for SiC with 30 μm particle size. Measured hardness of sintered compacts varied from 130 to 155 HVN for SiC having 1 μm particle size, 188 to 229 HVN for SiC having 30 μm particle size. Maximum electrical conductivity of test materials was obtained as 80.0% IACS (international annealed copper standard) for SiC with 1 μm particle size and 83.0% IACS for SiC with 30 μm particle size.
DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.121.251
PACS numbers: 81.05.Ni, 81.20.Ev