Accurate Displacement Detection with a Computer-Aided Interferometric Measuring System
V. Gökhan Böcekçi and H. Selçuk Varol
Department of Electronic-Computer Education, University of Marmara, 34722 İstanbul, Turkey
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In this study, real time measurement of the linear expansion of industrial material undergoing temperature change by using a computer-aided interferometric measuring technique with micrometer accuracy is attempted. Aluminum and copper were subjected to temperature change in the thermal expansion experiment unit (LETI-1) causing them to expand linearly. The fringe number in the interference symbol, which includes the information about linear expansion and temperature change were transferred to a computer via a data acquisition card, graphed by a program created in the LabVIEW environment, and the amount of linear expansion was detected in real time.
DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.121.181
PACS numbers: 06.30.Bp, 42.87.Bg, 42.62.Cf