Structural Investigations and Magnetic Properties of BaFe12O19 Crystals
F. Tudorachea, P.D. Popab, F. Brinzaa and S. Tascua
aDepartment of Physics, "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University of Iasi, Blvd. Carol I, no. 11, 700506, Iasi, Romania
bNational Institute of R&D for Technical Physics-IFT Iasi, Blvd. D. Mangeron, no. 47, 700050, Iasi, Romania
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This work was dedicated to the preparation of a barium hexaferrite using the glass crystallization method. The glass flakes were treated at temperatures ranging between 550°C and 750°C. The investigation carried out by X-ray diffraction revealed the phase composition and the mean crystallite size. By means of the scanning electron microscopy, the crystallite shape and average size were established. The electric and magnetic properties were investigated at room temperature by means of a Solartron 1260A impedance/-gain phase analyzer and a vibrating sample magnetometer. The optimum heat treatment was established to obtain the maximum coercivity of the barium hexaferrite.
DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.121.95
PACS numbers: 75.75.Cd, 75.47.Lx