Schottky Junctions Based on the ALD-ZnO Thin Films for Electronic Applications
T.A. Krajewskia, G. Lukaa, P.S. Smertenkob, A.J. Zakrzewskia, c, K. Dybkoa, R. Jakielaa, L. Wachnickia, S. Gieraltowskaa, B.S. Witkowskia, M. Godlewskia, c and E. Guziewicza
aInstitute of Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences, al. Lotników 32/46, 02-668 Warsaw, Poland
bInstitute of Semiconductor Physics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Pr. Nauki 45, 03028 Kyiv, Ukraine
cDepartment of Mathematics and Natural Sciences College of Science, Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University, Dewajtis 5, 01-815 Warsaw, Poland
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The ZnO-based Schottky diodes revealing a high rectification ratio may be used in many electronic devices. This paper demonstrates several approaches to obtain a ZnO-based Schottky junction with a high rectification ratio. The authors tested several methods such as: post-growth annealing of the ZnO layer, acceptor (nitrogen) doping, as well as the ZnO surface coating with a properly chosen dielectric material. The influence of these approaches on the diode's rectification ratio together with modeling based on the differential approach and thermionic emission theory are presented.
DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.120.A-17
PACS numbers:, 73.50.-h, 73.50.Bk, 73.61.Ga, 81.15.-z, 81.15.Gh