Spectral Tuning of the Long-Period Fiber Gratings by Using Low Birefringence Liquid Crystals
A. Czaplaa, b, W.J. Bocka, T.R. Wolińskib, R. Dąbrowskic and E. Nowinowski-Kruszelnickic
aCentre de Recherche en Photonique, Université du Québec en Outaouais, 101 rue Saint-Jean-Bosco, Gatineau, Québec J8X 3X7, Canada
bFaculty of Physics, Warsaw University of Technology, Koszykowa 75, 00-662 Warszawa, Poland
cMilitary University of Technology, Gen. S. Kaliskiego 2, 00-908 Warszawa, Poland
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The work presented in this paper is focused on investigation of the spectral properties of the long-period fiber gratings combined with the liquid crystals, named liquid crystal long-period fiber gratings. The experiments carried out showed that the proposed designs of the liquid crystal long-period fiber gratings can offer very interesting spectral properties and can introduce a new level of sensitivity. In particular, a high-efficiency thermal tuning of the long-period fiber gratings coated with low-birefringence liquid crystal layers could be achieved and gave rise to a fast and wide switching ability of the attenuation bands within their transmission spectrum.
DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.120.589
PACS numbers: 42.81.Cn, 42.79.Dj, 42.81.Pa, 42.79.Kr