Mathematical Model and Numerical Analysis of AE Wave Generated by Partial Discharges
D. Wotzka, T. Boczar and P. Fracz
Electric Power Institute, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Automatic Control and Informatics, Opole University of Technology, S. Mikołajczyka 5, 45-271 Opole, Poland
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Paper presents definition of a mathematical model describing acoustic emission signals generated by partial discharges occurring in oil immersed electric power transformers. Time runs, power spectral density graphs and spectrograms of acoustic emission signals generated in experiments, performed under laboratory conditions, and of equivalent signals, calculated on the basis of the mathematical model, are presented. Furthermore, results of numerical simulations of acoustic pressure distribution inside a tank filled with insulation oil are presented in the paper. In the center of the tank acoustic emission wave sources were placed, each generating signals described by the model developed.
DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.120.767
PACS numbers: 43.40.Le, 02.60.Lj