New Approach to SAW Gas Sensors Array Response Measurement
K. Jasek, W. Miluski and M. Pasternak
Military University of Technology, S. Kaliskiego 2, 00-490 Warsaw, Poland
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Majority papers concerning surface acoustic wave sensors technology is devoted to the analysis of self-oscillating circuits with surface acoustic wave device and its basic frequency changes in particular. Such circuits are widely used mainly due to their relative simplicity. Unfortunately the price of the simplicity is such drawbacks like frequency instability, sensitivity to unwanted factors, surface acoustic wave surface load limit etc. A new approach to the analysis of surface acoustic wave gas sensors response is proposed in the paper. The approach significantly eliminates the disadvantages of commonly used so far methods of analysis.
DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.120.639
PACS numbers: 43.35.Pt, 46.35.+z, 68.35.Ja