A Study of Vibrational Spectra of Fullerene C70 and C80: An Algebraic Approach
R. Sena, A. Kalyana, R. Subhra Paulb, N.K. Sarkarb and R. Bhattacharjeec
aDepartment of Physics, Srikishan Sarda College, Hailakandi-788151, India
bDepartment of Physics, Karimganj College, Karimganj-788710, India
cDepartment of Physics, Assam University, Silchar-788011, India
Received: February 10, 2011; In final form: April 7, 2011
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Using the Lie algebraic method, the stretching vibrational energies of fullerenes C70 and C80 are calculated in the one-dimensional U(2) framework. By constructing the model Hamiltonian with the help of Casimir and Majorana invariant operators in this frame work, we calculated the local mode vibrational energy levels of the fullerenes C70 and C80.
DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.120.407
PACS numbers: 03.65.Fd, 07.57.-c, 02.20.Sv, 78.30.Na