Network Theory of Living Cell Clusters and Rheological Applications at Nano-Level
M.B. Plavsic, I. Pajic-Lijakovic, M.M. Plavsic, B. Bugarski
Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, Belgrade University, Belgrade, Serbia
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The system of living cells closed in a polymer matrix and self-organized into clusters is considered, extending free volume concept developed for complex system interactions quantification in statistical mechanics of jammed state of matter. Possibility of extension of Edwards concept of compactivity and angorisity developed for hard irregular grains with friction to living cell systems, is considered. Existences of scaling laws for cell colony grow, related to their self assembling and response to polymer hydrogel micro-environment constrains, is analyzed as function of rate of cluster density increase. Based on the theory proposed are developed relations, connecting cluster properties that are difficult to measure, to data from standard cell cultivation experiments. The model also provides possibilities of incorporation data on single cell behavior, available from modern nano- rheology measurements, into cluster
DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.120.266
PACS numbers: 05.20.-y, 36.20.-f, 64.75.Yz, 87.18.-h