Long-Lasting Current Transient Phenomena in TlBr
V. Kažukauskasa, A. Ziminskija, N. Vainoriusa, V. Gostilob, M. Shorohovb and V. Bozhkoc
aSemiconductor Physics Department and Institute of Applied Research, Vilnius University, Saulėtekio al. 9/3, LT-10222, Vilnius, Lithuania
bBrucker Baltic, Riga, Latvia
cVolyn National University, Lutsk, Ukraine
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The persistent conductivity effects in TlBr were evidenced at the temperatures below about 200 K after the intrinsic light excitation. They were associated with the filling of the trapping states having thermal activation energy of about 0.08-0.12 eV and accompanied by the appearance of the pronounced maximum of the thermally stimulated currents. In this state the enhanced photoconductivity was observed that could be thermally quenched above about 180 K. The quenching is initiated by the emptying of the trapping states having activation energy of 0.63-0.65 eV.
DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.119.268
PACS numbers: 71.55.-i, 72.20.Jv, 72.40.+w, 72.60.+g, 72.80.Jc