Applicable Damage of High-Tc YbaCuO Superconducting Tapes by Current and Laser Pulses
O. Kiprijanoviča, S. Ašmontasa, F. Anisimovasa and J. Gradauskasa, b
aSemiconductor Physics Institute of Center for Physical Sciences and Technology, A. Goštauto 11, LT-01108, Vilnius, Lithuania
bVilnius Gediminas Technical University, Saulėtekio av. 11, Vilnius, LT-10223, Lithuania
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Damage and irreversible damage of YBaCuO tapes with high density current after switching from superconducting to normal state are investigated. Quasi-homogeneous current distribution across the tape in superconducting state can cause perfect tape damage or irreversible damage when current is slightly above critical value. The model of the tape heating during the optically initiated switching from superconducting to normal state is proposed. Analysis of causes inducing damage shows necessity to consider 0.5Tm damage criterion because of strong current influence on the damage processes. Possible damage mechanisms are described and crack tips motion simultaneously with switching from superconducting to normal state is considered. Application of optically illuminated YBaCuO tapes with nanosecond duration current pulses on the base of the described mechanisms is proposed.
DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.119.256
PACS numbers: 74.25.F-, 74.25.fc, 74.25.Op, 85.25.Am