Influence of Magnetic Field on Detection Properties of Planar Microwave Diodes
A. Sužiedėlisa, S. Ašmontasa, J. Poželaa, J. Gradauskasa, V. Nargelienėa, Č. Paškeviča, V. Derkachb, R. Golovashchenkob, E. Goroshkob, V. Korzhb and T. Anbinderisc
aSemiconductor Physics Institute, Center for Physical Sciences and Technology, A. Goštauto 11, Vilnius, Lithuania
bUsikov Institute of Radiophysics and Electronics of NAS of Ukraine, 12 Ac. Proskura Str., 61085 Kharkov, Ukraine
cElmika Ltd, Naugarduko Str. 41, Vilnius LT-03227, Lithuania
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The results of experimental investigation of detection properties of the planar microwave diodes of various configuration on DC magnetic field are presented in this paper. The detection of microwave radiation was measured at 51 GHz, 72 GHz and 144 GHz frequencies. The magnetic field was applied in plane and perpendicularly to the plane of the diodes. The experiment was performed at room temperature. Dependence of the detected voltage of the diodes on the magnetic field had asymmetric character with respect to the polarity of the magnetic field. This fact allowed us to suspect the magnetic rectification influencing the detected voltage. Therefore, average value of the detected voltage with respect to the polarity of the applied magnetic field gives its dependence on the applied magnetic field.
DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.119.218
PACS numbers: 07.57.Kp, 78.70.Gq, 75.47.Pq, 73.40.Kp, 73.40.-c, 75.70.-i