Photoresponse of Porous Silicon Structures to Infrared Radiation
N. Samuolienėa, E. Širmulisb, J. Stupakovaa, J. Gradauskasa, V. Zagadskija and E. Šatkovskisa
aVilnius Gediminas Technical University, Sauletekio ave. 11, Vilnius LT-10223, Lithuania
bCentre for Physical Science and Technology, Semiconductor Physics Institute, A. Goštauto 11, Vilnius LT-01108, Lithuania
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Photoresponse of silicon samples containing porous structures have been studied under the action of CO2 laser radiation. The signal shape and its behavior under the applied bias voltage revealed the existence of two heterojunctions on the border of porous-crystalline silicon and on the border between the porous layers of different porosity. The photosignal is recognized to be composed of hot hole photoemfs induced across the heterojunctions.
DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.119.137
PACS numbers: 78.67.Rb, 78.56.-a, 73.40.Lq