Speech Intelligibility Measurements in Auditorium
K. Leo
Faculty of Physics and Applied Mathematics, Technical University of Gdańsk, G. Narutowicza 27/12, 80-233 Gdańsk, Poland
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Speech intelligibility was measured in Auditorium Novum on Technical University of Gdansk (seating capacity 408, volume 3300 m3). Articulation tests were conducted; STI and Early Decay Time EDT coefficients were measured. Negative noise contribution to speech intelligibility was taken into account. Subjective measurements and objective tests reveal high speech intelligibility at most seats in auditorium. Correlation was found between spatial differences in responses to articulation tests and EDT for low frequencies divided by EDT for high frequencies.
DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.118.110
PACS numbers: 43.55 Hy