Study on Fluorescence Characteristic of a Complex Probe οf CdSe Quantum Dots Coupling with Thiazole Orange
X. Fei, G. Jia, J. Wang and Y. Gu
Tianjin Institute of Urban Construction, Tianjin 300384, China
Received: December 22, 2009; In final form: April 2, 2010
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CdSe quantum dots were synthesized using thioglycolic acid as stabilizer in aqueous solution under N2. The UV-vis spectrometry and fluorescence spectra indicate that the bimodal quantum dots were formed and the optical band gaps are about 650 nm and 750 nm, respectively. The quantum dots coated with TO were prepared in room temperature, and the fluorescence characteristic was studied. The result showed that the peak shift of quantum dots fluorescence spectra can mainly be due to the change of the capping layer, resulting in the confinement energy change. This is vital for the investigating on of the forming process and mechanisms of the combination of thiazole orange dye and quantum dots.
DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.117.949
PACS numbers: 73.63.Kv, 78.55.-m, 78.67.-n