Cobalt Additives Influence on Phase Composition and Defect Structure of Manganese Dioxide Prepared from Fluorine Containing Electrolytes
G.V. Sokolskya, S.V. Ivanova, N.D. Ivanovab, Ye.I. Boldurevb, O.V. Kobulinskayaa and M.V. Demchenkoa
a National Aviation University, Cosmonaut Komarov Av. 1, 04058 Kiev 58, Ukraine
b Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry of Ukrainian National Academy of Science, Palladin Av. 32-34, 252680 Kiev 142, Ukraine
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Manganese dioxide samples were prepared from fluorine containing electrolytes with additives of Co2+ ions. Atomic absorption spectroscopy, thermogravimetric analysis, diffraction, scanning electron microscopy with energy dispersive analysis were the methods of the samples characterisation. Manganese dioxide at the presence of cobalt forms nanosized ramsdellite structure crystallites of mostly needle-like morphology with significant content of hydroxide groups. The main phase state in manganese dioxide samples obtained at the presence of cobalt is γ-MnO2 with ramsdellite structure and low content of intergrowth defects. The sample doped both with lithium and cobalt can be indexed to a hollandite-type structure (tetragonal; Space group I4/m) of α-MnO2.
DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.117.86
PACS numbers: 61.66.Fn, 61.72.-y, 85.40.Ry