Band Structure and Optical Properties οf the Layered Hg3TeCl4 Crystal
M. Sznajdera, D.M. Berchaa, b, P. Poteraa, A. Khachapuridzec, V.V. Pankob and S.A. Berchad
a Institute of Physics, University of Rzeszów, Rejtana 16a, 35-310 Rzeszów, Poland
b Institute of Physics and Chemistry of Solid States, Uzhgorod National University, Ukraine
c Institute of High Pressure Physics "Unipress", Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland
d Taras Shevchenko Kiev University, Physics Department, Kiev, Ukraine
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First experimental investigations on absorption and photoluminescence of the novel Hg3TeCl4 monocrystals grown by the Bridgman method are reported. A comparison of the measurement results with theoretical band structure calculations of the Hg3TeCl4 crystal confirmed that Hg3TeCl4 is a wide band gap photoconductor (Eg = 3.64 eV at 24 K) with the effective masses of charge carriers characteristic for semiconductors. Energetic position of the main photoluminescence peak and its temperature dependence indicates the presence of an additional energy level in the energy gap which takes part in the radiative recombination process and whose origin was discussed.
DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.116.950
PACS numbers: 78.20.-e, 78.40.-q, 78.55.-m, 71.20.-b