Photogalvanic Effect in Semiparabolic Quantum Well
K. Majchrowski, W. Paśko and I. Tralle
Institute of Physics, University of Rzeszów, al. T. Rejtana 16A, 35-310 Rzeszów, Poland
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In this work we studied the charge carriers behaviour in quantum structures where the symmetry with respect to space coordinates and time reversal symmetry are broken simultaneously. As the model of such structures we considered finite semiparabolic quantum well (we considered earlier the case of triangular QW) placed in external magnetic field. We have shown by numerical analysis that the energy spectra of charge carriers in such structures are anisotropic with respect to in plane (transverse) motion ϵn(+kx) ≠ ϵn(-kx). This leads to the anisotropy of charge carriers in plane momentum transfer which, in its turn leads to the anisotropy of photoconductivity σ(+kx) ≠ σ(-kx) and as it follows from our calculations, the effect though not very great, could be measurable for the magnetic field of about few T.
DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.116.854
PACS numbers: 72.40.+w, 73.21.Fg